◆School name 学校名◆

Holy Cross High School Dumaguete City

◆School Category 学校のカテゴリー◆

Highschool 高校

◆School Introduction 学校案内(英語)◆

The purpose of establishing this school then was to give the youth of the Chinese community in Dumaguete as well as in the Province of Negros Oriental an opportunity to learn not only a primary knowledge about the Philippines and the rest of the world, but also to acquire knowledge about China and its rich culture which emphasizes the need of cultivating desirable traits and virtues in the development of one’s character.

Located at the corner of Santa Catalina and Noblefranca Streets, the school started its operation in 1928 as a primary school with one principal, three teachers and 40 pupils. The schoolhouse was a small, modest one-storey wooden building with scanty furniture and equipment. A shanty-type house built of wood and nipa served as the dwelling for the principal. Between the schoolhouse and the house was a vacant lot which was used as the playground. The late Santiago Chiu Bontin was then the chairman of the school’s Board of Trustees. The late Mr. Chiu Yu Po was the school principal.


  • Address 住所

    North Road, National HIghway

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  • City 市

    Dumaguete City

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