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We reached the place by climbing the paved steps up the hill. And I was amazed.  It was indeed what it was depicted in the pictures – and more, actually. You know sometimes, what you see online is not what you get. But not this place. It delivered its promise of an ideal place to chill and sip your coffee while admiring the beauty of nature.

The place does not only offer coffee though. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though quite pricey compared to similar menus I have tried from other establishments, the ambiance makes up for it.


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舗装された階段を上って丘を登ると 絵に描かれていたような絶景が現れました。それは自然の美しさを賞賛しながらあなたのコーヒーを冷やしそして飲むための理想的な場所というその約束を実現しました。


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Dumaguete city

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